There's Something About: Our Story

Hubby was an airman stationed at Kadena AFB in Okinawa, Japan, in 1995. He was a crew chief on F15s and loved it. I was living at home in Oceanside, CA when my dad accepted a job that moved us to Okinawa. My mother is from Okinawa and her father was sick, so my dad, who already worked for the DOD, took another job that would transfer us to Okinawa so my mom could care for her sick father.

My parents met when my dad was active duty in the Marine Corps, over 41 years ago, when he was stationed in Okinawa. Little did I know I would be "following" in their footsteps.

I met my future husband in March 1995. Several weeks later we started dating and several months later he proposed on the 4th of July. We were married almost 8 months later in January 1996. We've always said, "When you know, you know!" And we knew!

It's 1996 people!

He was transferred to Langley AFB in October 1995. Then, we PCS'd to McChord AFB, in December 1997, where he was a flight engineer for the C141, and we had our first son in December 1998. In July 2000, we came back to Long Island, NY, where hubby is from, and he joined the New York Air National Guard. He was a flight engineer for the C130, but soon finished his degree, got his commission and went to pilot training. Now, he pilots the C130. And we eventually had two more kids.

Aren't we cute?!

Love this photo of us!

We've gone through at least 5 deployments (I've lost count) and during this last one I decided to start blogging about our sometimes crazy, but never dull, life. I hope our stories can put a smile on your face.



  1. What a sweet story! We've moved a lot ourselves and I think with the right attitude it can bring a husband and wife closer as they've always got the other one to fulfill the roles that sometimes outsiders take (friend, confidant, workout buddy etc).

  2. beautiful story!!! thanks for sharing it in the link up today. I loved getting to know your family :)

  3. I loved reading your story. My husband and I had a fast relationship too . . . ten months from our first email to when we were married.

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