Wednesday, March 12, 2014

There's Something About: Cooking

I did it! I "threw" some things together and made a meal! And it wasn't half bad. I actually really liked it. We all know how much I LOVE to cook (note my sense of sarcasm). But here's what I did:

1.38 lbs of cubed beef
1 can of tomato paste
2 cubes of beef bouillon
1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
1.5 cups of water (approximately)
16oz bag of frozen mixed veggies (I used carrots, broccoli, cauliflower - you know, California mix!)

I browned the beef in some oil in a skillet. Then drained and added the tomato paste, boullion cubes, Worcestershire sauce, water and veggies. Then I brought it to a boil. I used enough water to almost cover all the contents of the skillet.

I think it came out pretty good. I'm so out of the "blogging mind" I forgot to take a picture. But I packed some away for lunch tomorrow, so if you follow me on Instagram, maybe I'll remember to show off my creation!

Needless to say, the kids were not thrilled. But that's no surprise. Lightning thought the beef was ok, and Tink ate all her carrots. Buzz was a trooper and ate most of his dinner.

All in all, not a terrible night. I made it back to CrossFit, and fed my kids a pretty healthy meal, even if they didn't finish it. Bring on tomorrow!


Monday, March 10, 2014

There's Something About: Change

The only way to grow is to change.

I had to tell this to Buzz, my 15-yr old, a few weeks ago after we had told our kids some exciting news. Well, exciting to me, but not so much for a teenager and pre-teen. However, the 7-yr old is thrilled. I don't want to go into detail, but the Major and I know that sometimes the decisions we make in life, no matter how difficult, are for the better - to improve our quality of life as a family.

That being said, change is difficult. And I'm finding that sometimes, after one "change", another can be right behind it, just throwing your already tentative plans a crazy curve ball! At this point, I'm beginning to think we must be great batters, otherwise life wouldn't keep throwing them!

You know, I'm willing to bet, very generally speaking, that every other military spouse out there is pretty good at handling those curve balls, too. And everyone, military or civilian, goes through changes in their life that are unexpected. It's how we handle these changes that makes the difference.

Hopefully, for my children's sake, I can show them the good things that can come from changes; that being flexible and going with the flow can ease stress. But that good preparation can also prevent stress. Not to mention a good CrossFit WOD, or a 3-mile run, to help ease the mind.

I think I'll just leave it at that for now. I haven't blogged for several months, so I want to take this slowly. But as I get back into this, I'll let it all out - changes and all.

Oh yeah - that's a photo from a butterfly I found in my flowers a couple of springs ago. I can't wait for spring!