Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There's Something About: Sunday Social - Week 65

I know it's not Sunday, but at least I'm getting them done. Summertime questions.

Sunday Social

1. What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
My favorite activity would have to be the mud run I did a few weeks ago. I had a great time! You can read all about it here.

2. What was your favorite outfit look/clothing item of the summer?
Shorts and a tank top! I'm a Cali girl so I love summer clothes and I am none too happy that it's starting to cool down a little here in NY.

3. What is one thing you wish you'd gotten to do this summer?

I wish we could've taken a nice family vacation. It didn't happen, but I'm actually hoping we can maybe take a little road trip to D.C. with the kids this month or next.

4. What was your favorite song of the summer?

Pink with Nate Russ on "Just Give Me A Reason". 

5. What was your favorite movie/tv show of the summer?
I discovered Duck Dynasty this summer and we love it! If you haven't seen it, you have to check it out. Uncle Si is hilarious!

Book excerpt from Si Robertson
He has a book coming out!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the mud run!
    I have heard a lot about Duck Dynasty but have not yet watched it!

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