Wednesday, August 14, 2013

There's Something About: Bruises

I don't mean the Train song, although I really do like it and maybe my bruises will make for better conversation.

I have at least 4 bruises. I feel like new ones keep popping up. Never have I ever been so proud of my bruises! I did my first 5K mud run this weekend. What a blast! And my best neighbor did it with me.

I apologize in advance for the barrage of photos, all thanks to the best neighbor hubby!

Ready to go!

We got there an hour before our run time, checked in, got our bibs, checked our bags, stretched out and then watched and waited till it was our turn to go. The starting line was right next to the finish line so we could watch some runners coming in and do the last couple of obstacles. It looked like soooo much fun!

I had no expectations going into this race. I had never done a 5K before so I figured I would just play it by ear. The course was set up with black diamond obstacles (higher difficulty) and green circle obstacles (not such high difficulty). I didn't want to limit myself and just automatically do the easier obstacles. So, I took it one obstacle at a time. And, you know what? The black diamond obstacles weren't impossible. In fact, I attempted and completed every black diamond obstacle, except one! I was pretty proud of myself.

Look how clean we are - but not for long!

So, I don't exactly like my face in this pic, but how cool is it that I'm hanging by one hand?!

Ok, a little muddier by now.



I needed a little help, but I got over!
 You can't tell, but I got stuck and had to push myself down.
More mud! 

Love this photo, but this would be the one obstacle I couldn't complete, due to short legs maybe?  :-( 

We're already talking about doing this mud run again next year, and hopefully with the husbands, and maybe even a kid or two (minimum age is 9). And maybe more family and friends! We're even talking about doing harder and more difficult mud runs, as well. Who knows what we're getting ourselves into, but we have plenty of time to train!

Happy Girls!!!! 

So, who's in??



  1. So awesome! You rock!

  2. So fun! What a great race!! Thank you so much for sharing & linking up at Thank You Honey's Whatever Wednesday Party!!

  3. I definitely want to do this so please COUNT ME IN!!