Friday, July 12, 2013

There's Something About: June!

I know it's almost the middle of July, but here's a little recap of the end of school!

We had a dance recital. She was the best dancer there, of course!

There was the Kindergarten Aloha program: "aloha" to kindergarten, "aloha" to first grade. They sing some cute songs. It was really sweet.
Then, of course, it was field day for Lightning and Tink. However, since Lightning's kindergarten program was in the morning, we missed part of Tink's field day. She got 1st place in the 50-yard dash! The kindergarteners, however, get "participation" ribbons, but Lightning did great!
Lightning had a "dress-up" day where the kids could wear sports uniforms, fancy clothes, or costumes, which was nice since the schools were closed on and around Halloween due to Hurricane Sandy. Take a gander at Darth Vader sans mask.

Tink had a "crazy" dress-up day. She chose long sleeves with a skirt, mismatched socks and shoes, and there are about 5 ponytails in her hair. I had fun helping her get ready that morning.

On one of the last days the parents were invited to watch a DVD of the past year of kindergarten and there was an ice cream party afterwards. Don't tell, but I went for the ice cream. Actually, the ice cream was a nice distraction from the tears I was trying to hold back after watching the kids and all the wonderful memories that were made. I can't believe my baby is not even in kindergarten anymore.  :-(

We had a couple of church-related award ceremonies which resulted in some very happy kids.

And the last day of school for the little ones. Yeah, yeah, I know. They're not little anymore.

So, like I said, I know it's a little late, but now you know what we were up to - in June! Let's see if I can get some July stuff posted. Don't laugh if you end up reading about the 4th of July around the 14th of August!

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