Tuesday, July 30, 2013

There's Something About: The Circus

The circus was in town last week and we've never taken any of our kids, so it was the first time for all three of them!

Lightning was soooo excited to see some elephants. The kid loves elephants! We took a family photo with one of them, but he wanted to pet one or ride one so badly. They didn't have elephant rides, only pony rides, which Tink and Lightning happily enjoyed.

Buzz is 14 and a half, so I wasn't sure how much he would enjoy the circus, but I looked over at him several times to see a HUGE grin on his face, which made me so happy!

He's not so happy here - he loves when I take pics of him.
All smiles here!

More elephants!

We all had a great time at the circus. Hopefully, it won't take us so long to get to another one!



  1. I haven't been to the circus since I was really young! Looks like you all had a great time!

  2. How fun!!! I haven't been to a circus in years.

  3. I haven't been brave enough to take my boys (4 and 2) to the circus yet. I'm just afraid that they might get scared of the clowns. Oh wait, maybe that's me. ;) Glad you guys had a great time. :)

    Thanks for linking up with us for the Hump Day Hop! Can't wait to read more about you!