Friday, April 5, 2013

There's Something About: Towels!

They are very good at soaking water up. (Yes, I know that's what they're made for.) Let's just say, I got to put them to really good use Tuesday night.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - everything happens when the husband is "gone", i.e. deployed, on a trip, or just flying late. And Tuesday night was no exception.

Lightning was really trying to keep my on my toes, I guess, and this is how he did it.


Yup, that's water all over the kids' bathroom.

The little had finished their showers and were getting their jammies on, and my OCD kicked in and I decided to clean the sink/countertop, while there were other things to be doing, of course. Then, I helped Tink clean out Gracie's cage. 'Cause just like any family pet, Mom does the cleaning. A good ten minutes or so later, Lightning was in the hallway telling me I needed to see something. But since I was in the middle of helping Tink, I asked him to tell me what it was. He just kept saying he didn't know and that I needed to see!

So, finally, I walked out of Tink's room and he pointed to the bathroom. I could see water all over the floor. I knew immediately that somehow he overflowed the bathroom sink. I put towels all over the floor and then asked him what happened. He said he was trying to help me clean. (He had been watching me wipe down the counter earlier.)

I got really upset, but then realized he felt pretty bad. I told him to use his words next time to let me know what's going on and I thanked him for trying to help me clean. Plus, it made me clean out the cabinet (and throw away all the toilet paper and tissues we weren't using).

But it's not over. This is what my kitchen ceiling looks like now. The kids' bathroom is right above this area.

Oh, and then Daddy came home after midnight. He's got great timing!

It's not terrible. It could definitely be worse. Next time - 'cause there will be a next time - maybe it won't keep me from blogging all week!



  1. Hi there! I am stopping by from the ultimate blog party. I saw that you are a mom and military wife so we have two things in common! Have a great day!

  2. Oh no! :( The ceiling doesn't look too good hopefully it's not bad.

  3. Oh how I feel your pain! I have a big hole in my ceiling right now from my shower upstairs leaking.... awful!

  4. OH NO! My worst nightmare is water accidents while Gene is away- I'd rather die!

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  6. Everything really does happen when they are away!!! What in the heck is with that???

  7. Wow! Coming to your site struck an emotional cord. My grandfather (now deceased) used to call me Tink. You're blessed to have such beautiful children.

  8. Uh Oh! I always freak out when the toilet overflows. I get scared that the water will just keep coming and coming and coming

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