Sunday, April 14, 2013

There's Something About: My Washing Machine

Well, it happened again. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you would have seen my photo already.

My 6-yr old washing machine, for the second time in about 2 years, stopped working. The error code is "tE" which apparently means "bad thermistor", whatever a thermistor is. According to several websites, as well as the repairman who came out the first time, the thermistor in these machines doesn't "go bad" and it's most likely a loose wire.

So, like usual, the Major is out of town when these things seem to happen. But thankfully, I have wonderful in-laws! My FIL and BIL, just to name a few of them, are great. They removed the dryer from atop the washing machine, then got into the guts of the machine and of course found no noticeably loose wires. They double checked everything, but only found a little plastic tab that was breaking, but didn't seem to do anything important. Either way, they taped it back up, closed up the  machine and we ran a cycle. And yay!! No more error code.

It was such a crazy day and I forgot to take pictures, but FIL and BIL did a great job! We put plenty of blankets and towels down so as not to damage our hardwood floors. And my nephew and Lightning both tried to play inside the dryer. I was able to clean the floor behind the machines, as well as the top of the machines, which you are never able to reach or get to, so I had to take my chance while I could.

Everything is back to normal now - whatever "normal" is, and I've done about 5-plus loads of laundry since Saturday night. And as any mother knows, the laundry never I can't thank my in-laws enough for fixing my machine. And really, thanks to all my in-laws, because they have all been more than happy to help when these crazy things happen! Now, it's time to fold all the laundry - yuck.



  1. Oh man! Thank goodness for inlaws! :)

  2. So glad you had your inlaws to help fix it!

  3. Àtleast it turned out alright and you got to get some much needed cleaning out of the way.

  4. So glad it's fixed and you don't have to deal with silly machines for awhile!
    Glad you have good inlaws!

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