Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There's Something About: St. Patrick's Day

If you're here to read about my Sunday, well, you have to read about my Saturday, first. Really. I'll wait...

Ok, just kidding! But you should still check it out.

Anyway, our Sunday was almost as busy as our Saturday. After a late night at our best neighbor's house, there was no way the kids were getting up for Sunday school. Ok, Mommy didn't want to get up for Sunday school, but whatever - same difference.

When I went down to make breakfast, though, I realized it was St. Patrick's Day, so shamrock-shaped pancakes were necessary - duh! I made them last year and I dyed them green, but the kids were a little unsure of the green pancakes, so this year I skipped the dye. Then Lightning asked why the pancakes weren't green, so I quickly decided to make his milk green instead. He loved it!

My shamrock still needs work, I know.

Then it was off to church and I had nursery duty. I love watching the babies! They are soooo cute. And right now, there's a huge influx of girls. Not one single little boy. And, it helps me get my baby fix, because I AM SO DONE. Famous last words, right? But I am done, really.

Our last "event" was a St. Patrick's Day party at our friend's house. There were several families there who all work with my husband and it was so nice to see everyone. The food was good, and the friends were better! I always love seeing them.

Hi "Sheena"!

Several of us go out to dinner occasionally, but the kids don't always get to hang out and it looked like they had fun, too.

We got home in time for the kids to take showers and get to bed only a little past their normal bedtimes, then tried to catch up on The Bible series. We both nodded off on the couch, so I guess we'll watch this week's episode later. But not tonight, since I'm nodding off trying to finish this post!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, too!



  1. Sounds like a very successful St.Paddy's day!

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  3. What fun!!! I too am done having babies!! St. Patrick's day just kinda slipped past us since we celebrated my son's birthday party that weekend. But I'll definitely have to try pancakes like that one day! New follower on GFC from that Friday blog hop! I'd love for you to check out my site sometime! Have a great weekend!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands