Saturday, March 16, 2013

There's Something About: My Cooking

I don't consider my self a very good cook. I think I already mentioned that before. I'm not a "bad" cook. It's not like I burn water or anything. Well, there was that one time. But that was a looong time ago.

Got distracted with blogging...

I cook for my family. But they don't like a lot of what I make. And it's not because it's bad; it's because they're PICKY! All of them. Ok, yes, even I'm a little picky. But as I've grown, I've learned to try more foods and my tastes are broadening. So there's hope for them, yet.

Until then, I have a really hard time making a weekly menu. You can only have chicken so many times a week, no matter how many different ways you make it. And since I can only make it a few ways due to the preferences of my family, well, chicken gets boring. We eat porkchops occasionally, but they are not preferred by my husband. I like steak on the grill, but it's still winter and I'm not going outside to cook.

Chicken burgers were sort of accepted recently.

There a few other staples and such that I can make, but my absolute favorite is salmon! And believe it or not, the kids will eat it. Tink smothers hers with ketchup (yes, I said ketchup) but hey, at least she's eating it. However, I can only cook salmon when Daddy is flying late or out of town.

Are you getting the gist here? There's always someone who doesn't like something. But I refuse to be a short-order cook, so the kids and husband pretty much eat whatever I cook. I just get a lot of whining, dirty looks, and general grumpiness from at least one person at the table. And then an hour after dinner the snack cabinet is barraged with hungry mouths.

I try new dishes but they are greeted with apprehension, and then quickly refused. Most of the time, I like them, but no one else does. It gets really old cooking when no one wants to eat what I've made, but I try my best to remind myself it's not my cooking, it's their taste buds.

I've come across some of these weekly menu planning link ups, but I don't have a menu of my own to offer, so I'm just trying to steal get some ideas for now. I'd like to be able to make enough different things, that will be happily eaten, to last a couple of weeks to a month. I don't need pasta and sauce every single Tuesday. Every other Tuesday is just fine.

 Maybe a professional chef would be good. The family might eat more foods, and I won't be crushed when they complain about it!


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