Friday, March 1, 2013

There's Something About: Hardwood Floors

Did you hear about the husband that nearly sliced his thumb off with a table saw while installing hardwood flooring? No? Well, let me share my story!

We were installing hardwood flooring throughout the first level of our home, which includes the entry hallway, living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry/pantry area. We searched A LOT for the right flooring that we wanted and finally settled on Brazilian Cherry, which is beautiful as you can see it change and darken over time.

The installation was going great. We discussed which pieces would go in each row; we measured and made sure no seams were close together; I gently hammered the wood pieces in place and he would follow behind with the floor nailer. We had a great system.

I was working at the office a little bit late one night and he was working on the floor alone. I was just getting ready to finish up and head home when he called. He very calmly asked me if I would be home soon and told me not freak out, but that he cut his thumb and thinks I should take him to the ER. Of course, I rushed home as fast as I could, and found him at home with his thumb wrapped in paper towels. The impressive airman that he is, performed self aid and was waiting patiently for me.

It turns out that after cutting a piece of wood on the table saw and turning off the saw, the wood started to fall off the table. He quickly reached down to stop the wood from falling but it was too close to the still-spinning saw and he got a nice deep cut on his thumb. Nothing actually came "off" of his thumb, but the teeth of a table saw aren't forgiving.  Several hours at the ER and 20-plus stitches later (the doctor lost count), we were home.

But there was a floor to finish installing! So, it was back to work. My husband was a great assistant! He laid out the rows and I used the floor nailer. I even had to cut wood with the table saw. We bought some tools to help keep your hands away as far as possible. I've never seen my husband so jumpy as when he supervised me using the table saw. I did fine.

With this project we can truly say we each did half. Although, my half looks way better! I enjoyed being more active in this DIY project. I usually end up just doing the sanding, or painting, or clean-up. But I was able to really participate in this project and had fun doing it! And yes, I said fun. Girls can use floor nailers, too!

  His Half

My Half



  1. Your floors are gorgeous! I hope his thumb gets better soon! Stopping by from Friday Follow Along Friday.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Carrie. His thumb is all better now!

  2. I love Brazilian cherry! It turned out great - looks absolutely gorgeous. So sorry to hear about your husband's thumb! I hope it heals quickly!

  3. Looks amazing. Great job and thanks for linking up on Art By Jacy!

    1. Aw, thanks! I love my floors. Thanks for stopping by.