Friday, March 22, 2013

There's Something About: Friday's Letters

Ok, I saw this at and thought it was sweet, so here's my attempt. Although, not sure how good I am at writing letters!

Dear Buzz - Thanks for the wonderful concert performance last night. I can't believe you've been playing viola for so long now and am soooo proud of you!

Dear Tink - Thank you for unknowingly reminding me that I need to hear you out. Even though you're only 9, I have to remember that you have a voice, too.

Dear Lightning - Thank you for always making me laugh. I especially loved your new tune while getting dressed this morning: Go naked, go naked, go naked.

Yes, that's a sticker on his forehead.
Dear Friday - So glad you are finally here! Time to check out "The Great and Powerful Oz" with some family! And hopefully post about it later.

Have a good weekend everyone!




  1. Saw oz with the girls this weekend. Eager to hear what you thought?

  2. I want to see OZ but our daughter wouldn't be able to sit still long enough. Hope it was good!