Monday, February 25, 2013

There's Something About: The Young Retiree!

There really is! She let me guest post on her blog last week which is AWESOME since I'm so new to the blogging-scene. I was thrilled! It was just so cool to me - I felt like I won the blogging contest. You know, the one where you get to guest post on a great blog.  And then, she agreed to guest post on my blog, too. DOUBLE AWESOME!

Hi y'all! My name is Elizabeth and I am known around the internet as The Young Retiree!

When I was 25, I married the man of my dreams. He is in the United States Navy, and was getting ready to leave my home town with the ship he was on. He would be moving to California for what could be as short as a six month stay until his orders and time on the ship were done. We were at a stand still! Would I move, or would I stay at home? What would I do if we moved to a state with an absolutely downtrodden economy? Would I look for a job and take it for a short period when someone else could benefit more from it?
We decided I would meet the ship in California, and that I would spend my days as a housewife... a young retiree! It seemed like a funny title when I began blogging. I wanted to keep my sanity in our one bedroom apartment and get some sense of community in my days! Retirement has been anything but boring!
Three years later we are still in California, at a second duty station, with two more deployments under our belts and I'm still living the life of retirement, except now I'm working from home too selling CHOCOLATES as a Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. Independent Consultant! 
"Retirement" has it's perks though! I am able to spend time connecting with friends, building a great homelife for my husband and I, raising three rescue dogs, and focusing on my health as we train for our first 5K! I'd love for you all to hop on over to The Young Retiree and follow me on my journey through this amazing life!

Now, head on over to The Young Retiree and check her out. You won't be bored - she's the busiest retiree I've ever seen!


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