Thursday, February 14, 2013

There's Something About: Wind Chimes

Several years ago, I opened my front door on Christmas day and found a messily wrapped present at my doorstep.  There was no tag and we had no idea who this gift had come from. We brought it into the house and unwrapped and find MY wind chimes. My beeeautiful, purple, butterfly wind chimes that my wonderful MIL had given to me for Mother's Day one year.

Getting old and broken - time for a new one!

The questions started going through my head like crazy!

- Were these my exact wind chimes?
- Who would give a gift without identifying themselves?
- When did my wind chimes go missing?!?
- And who would wrap them as a gift to return them?

I asked all my neighbors and of course they all deny it was them. And they even go so far as to say it's such a great prank, they wish they would've thought of it.

It happens again for the next couple of Christmases. I don't even remember realizing my wind chimes were gone until we were decorating for Christmas, and at that point, they would've been in the way anyway, so I guess I just figured I would buy new ones after the new year. And then Christmas day we would find a present on our doorstep that would turn out to be my wind chimes.

It's driving me crazy why someone would take my wind chimes only to return them to me on Christmas day. I even posted about it on Facebook hoping a crazy family member would admit to the shenanigans, but no such luck.

This past Christmas, while my husband was deployed, the kids and I went to California. Before we left, we decorated and I noticed my wind chimes were missing. But, I really didn't think twice about it, figuring I'll get them back Christmas day, anyway.

After we return from our holiday getaway, my house-sitter notifies me that we got some deliveries of cookies, cards, and brownies. I ask specifically about an odd shaped package and my wind chimes, but she tells me she didn't see anything. She probably thinks I'm crazy.

So, now it's January and no wind chimes have appeared. Which makes me think about my husband. Maybe he's putting someone up to it and they forgot to deliver the package; or maybe he's waiting till he gets home for the reveal. Either way, I've pretty much figured I'll just be patient and they would turn up. Or even better, go shopping for new wind chimes.

If any of you watch the news or weather, or read my blog, you know we had a terrible snowstorm this past weekend. And when Lightning comes home from our best neighbor's house on Sunday, he walks in with a package, a Christmas bag. The first thing I pull out is a nice container of chocolate chip cookies. I love her chocolate chip cookies and was informed earlier this year that I didn't get them at Christmastime because I wasn't here. Whatever!

The second thing I pull out of the bag turns out to be my wind chimes!!!!

So, check out what my best neighbor posted to Facebook:

The end of an era. The prank revealed,

In 2009, we were going trick-or-treating with our neighbor. She is one of my closest friends and a really good neighbor. That Halloween, she decided to leave candy on her porch in a bowl against her husband's advice. Not only was the candy gone, but so was her nice Tupperware bowl. She was so upset that for Christmas, with the cookies I usually send to my neighbors, I also sent her a new bowl. The next year, 2010, J said to me, "we should steal something from her this year, and give it back at some random time." So we stole her butterfly wind chimes and hung it up in our house. She came over, and never noticed it hanging in my kitchen. So at Christmas, I wrapped it up and J left it on her porch. She posted on Facebook, "who would steal my chimes and return them?" I commented, "so weird. Maybe it was someone from your church." We repeated the steal and return at Christmas in 2011. Summer of 2012, she said, "I bet it's you." I said, "I wish I was that creative." This past Halloween, her husband, an Air Force pilot was deployed somewhere in North Africa. He missed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and his wife and each of his kids' birthdays while he served our country. She spent Christmas in California with her parents. J got the wind chimes, but we couldn't leave them at Christmas. When she got back, she commented that she missed my cookies at Christmas. I decided to hold on to the chimes and wait for the right time to reveal. Her husband came home (Thank God) this past Wednesday. Just in time for a snowstorm. J went over to help him dig out this morning and I baked a batch of my "Just can't eat 10 chocolate chip cookies." (With flour I had to borrow from her) I found a Christmas cookie jar and some Christmas wrapping paper, wrapped the wind chimes and attached a note saying that I didn't want to send this gift down at Christmas because I wanted to wait till her husband got home so they could enjoy it as a family. The kids were back and forth between the 2 houses all day, so when their son Lightning went home, J gave him the package. About 10 min later, my phone rang. We all laughed about it. I told her its time for new chimes. And now I have to say, I'm a little sad its over. Guess we'll have to get creative and come up with some other way to entertain ourselves..... I guess we have until Halloween to come up with something.
I love my neighbors. We have a lot of fun. But maybe it's my turn to come up with the next hoax. Any ideas?


  1. Lol. Love it. What great neighbors

  2. Oh my goodness that is PRICELESS! Our family used to try and steal Christmas ornaments off each others trees. It started as a joke between my aunt and great grandmother over a particular ornament that they would steal back and forth from each other, then got carried away the more family members tried to get in on it and was ruined one year when my step dad threatened to call the cops over someone "stealing" one of his ornaments. It was all in good fun for so many years in the family and we'd be putting ornaments away wondering which one she had grabbed off my grandmothers tree. I can't believe you were in her house and didn't notice them though! TOO FUNNY!