Sunday, February 10, 2013

There's Something About: Snow

We got a lot of snow Friday night. I don't know the official inches for my town, but some areas got as much as 33 inches. We were more like 12-18 inches and that's just my best guess.

Snow is not my thing. It's pretty while it's coming down, sometimes. And freshly fallen snow is gorgeous. But that's about where my appreciation ends.

You have to clear off the car(s), shovel the walkway (in the front and back), shovel the driveway, put down rock salt, and drive carefully if you have to go out. Not to mention - IT'S FREEZING!

I do not like the cold. Not even a little bit. It just doesn't fit this self-proclaimed California girl.

But I was the first out to shovel. I figured it would be a good workout. Then I was the first back into the house - it was cold. I love my fireplace! I can stand right in front of it and get toasty warm.

Lightning was the first to bundle up and play outside. Buzz helped with the shoveling and then attempted a fort and piled up some snowballs. Tink, a girl after my own heart, stayed inside as long as possible, until she realized she was the only one left inside and her friend wanted her to come out and play. Even Rocky went out just long enough to do his thing. And had a little struggle getting back up the steps.

We have great neighbors! And one even has a snow blower which helped to clear the snow from behind the cars so we could back the cars out of the driveway, eventually.

Then the sun came out. All the snow and cold temperatures mixed with a bright shining sun and warm rays is very confusing. It makes you feel like you want to go outside, but then you step out the door and realize, "Nope, not happening." I mean really, it should only snow like this during the week to ensure no work and/or school - not on a Friday night when you're looking forward to doing fun things all weekend.

Which means, sometimes, you just have to venture out a little, even if it's just to the convenience store down the street. The roads in our neighborhood weren't too bad and there's supposed to be freezing rain tonight. So, in the end, school is closed on Monday and that makes the kids happy - which makes Mommy happy.



  1. Im with you girl... I hate the snow. I don't mind it falling... but then it better go away. Stay warm!

    1. And now I hear there's more coming on Wednesday. Not good.