Tuesday, February 26, 2013

There's Something About: My Daughter

And mine is awesome! Plus, she's turning 9 on Wednesday. I'm not so sure I'm ok with this. I told her today she was still 2 to me. She gave me a funny look, and then Lightning laughed at the fleeting thought that he could be older than his sister.

She gave me a birthday wish list weeks ago. Pretty much right after Christmas. I suppose she wanted to jot all the things down that she wanted but didn't get. Here's a pic of her list. She's soooo sweet!

She asked for a Tech-Pet. It's some weird dog robot thing that works with your iPhone/iPod. #2 on the list: iPhone, for Tech-Pet. At least she's thorough.

I haven't fully embraced the American Girl Doll thing. They seem a little pricey for dolls. Like maybe they're supposed to sit on a shelf and look nice. But girls actually play with them! She got a My Twinn doll for her birthday last year. I figured the money was a little better spent there since you send in a photo and they match beauty marks and moles. I guess it just wasn't enough. At least she waited a year to let me know she's not satisfied with last year's birthday present.

Numbers 4 and 5: "5 plane tickets to California, first class seats" and "tickets for 5 days in Disneyland." We had visited California and Disneyland during Christmas and I guess she noticed the much larger seats that we had to walk through to get to our tiny peasant seats on the plane. How nice of her to ask for first class tickets for all 5 of us and not just herself. She's so considerate!

And Disneyland - let me tell you about Disneyland! When I was little and lived in SoCal, 1 day at Disneyland was a good day. Eventually, you realized it might be nice to spend 2-3 days at Disneyland to see/do everything. But now there's California Adventure! We bought 2-day park hopper tickets and could've stayed longer! I'm having a hard time with buying 2 separate tickets to go to parks that are basically across the street from each other and owned by the same parent company. But 5 days at Disneyland?! I guess she wishes we had more time there. Not sure how to swing that if I have to buy an American Girl Doll.

#6 - "stufed panda." She usually gets 100% on her spelling tests, so she was obviously in a rush when she wrote this list. But I might be sensing an obsession here. She has A LOT of stuffed pandas already. I'm pretty sure she loves pandas; don't think she needs anymore. But she's consistent.

Next on Tink's list, a "pet hamster with all pink cage." This poor girl has been asking for a hamster for a solid year or more at this point. She's done her research, too. She's checked out several books from the library at school. She even asked to purchase a book from the pet store in preparation of getting a hamster. We have Rocky. He's small, cute, furry, and runs around like a maniac. Why do we need to add to the craziness?

She got a Fijit for Christmas 2011. It's a noisy little pink rubbery thing that is not cute. And now it has little friends? Is it lonely? Is Tink lonely? Not happening.

Did you know that Disney's Tinkerbell has a sister? Her name is Periwinkle. She's actually Tinkerbell's twin. Maybe this is my daughter's way of asking for a sister. She does that a lot. She's gonna be asking till her brothers get married, I guess. Or maybe she is lonely. Nah.

The one thing I was pretty sure she would get before her birthday was Daddy, #10, "my most impotant present." She saved the best for last, or maybe she realized she was being too materialistic and decided she better ask for something a little less selfish. Either way, he's home.

Now, if you look closely, she crossed out numbers 4, 5 and 10, on her list. When I asked her about numbers 4 and 5 she said, "I don't think anyone's actually gonna get me those things." So, she's realistic. That's nice. And since Daddy's already here, then crossing off #10 was appropriate.

It's funny how a little birthday wish list can help you to see your child in ways you might not have paid attention to before. I wonder what next year's list is gonna tell me.



  1. So cute! Happy Birthday Tink!
    And just join in on the american girl train momma!

    1. American Girl it is! Donations accepted. ;-)

  2. Not to self..... pick up something with pandas on it for birthday party Saturday. ;-)

    1. No, really, you don't have to. But she'll love it! ;-)

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