Friday, February 22, 2013

There's Something About: Chicken Soup

I don't cook. Ok, maybe I do. I prefer baking. It's very precise. If you don't use exact measurements, that sweet dessert you work so hard to make may not taste so good in the end. Maybe I have a touch of OCD.

But cooking is another story. I'm not a "chef." I definitely cannot just throw some things together that were in the pantry/fridge and whip up a tasty dish. I have to know the exact ingredients and have an idea what to do with them before I mix them all together. I'm starting to get better. Plus, I have a picky family, really picky (we'll discuss that later).

One thing I have learned to "throw together" is chicken soup. I know, I know. Most of you are probably thinking to yourself, "It's chicken soup - how hard can it be?" I already admitted I don't cook.

However, I've spent years of asking co-workers, friends, relatives what they use and how they do it. And more years getting the nerve to actually try to put everything together. But I finally started trying and came up with my own chicken soup recipe several years ago.

Where are the carrots?

Oh, right there next to the beans!
Secret ingredient: dill weed.

I don't know what I'm so nervous about. I think I feel some sort of judgment with my cooking, but maybe I should save that for therapy.

Anyway, it was deeee-lish! I was gonna add more E's, but thought some of you might find that obnoxious. I'm just that excited about my chicken soup. And I love when I get a chance to use my crockpot.

I'm learning that sometimes it doesn't really matter what's in it. It's great in the winter. It's the perfect comfort food. Some people will like it, and some won't. Most won't with my family, but I know I make it with love and I LOVE it!