Monday, February 4, 2013

A New Family

Not really. Same old family, with new hair, kind of.

With my husband on the way home, I decided I wanted to do something new/different with my hair. I've done the blonde highlights in the past, which was great, but I eventually decided it took a lot of time and money. Many years passed before I ever did anything again. Then I grew it out and waited for the right time. Now that I see every little gray hair that pops up, the husband's homecoming seems like the perfect time. And I wanted something a little more drastic than normal. So, this is what I did. And I LOVE it! (Although I hate pics of myself. I'm gonna have to get used to this, I guess.)

Then I noticed the boys' hair was getting a little unruly and decided it was time for haircuts. Buzz never wants it quite as short as I do, but I'm trying to accept that he might be old enough to decide how he wants to look. But once the hair gets past the ears, I have to speak up.  Lightning isn't as picky. But we have to bring an extra shirt with us because he really doesn't like the itchiness afterwards. See how handsome they look!

 (I really need to figure out how to take better photos with my iPhone!)

Tink decided months ago that she wanted to grow her hair out, all the way down her back. But I guess she's realized lately that the longer her hair gets, the more difficult it is to brush. So, she voiced her desire to get a haircut, too. Above her shoulders! I don't think her hair has been that short since she was 4 years old, maybe. But it's so cute and curly when it's short. And once it was said and done, I was a little surprised at how short it actually looked. Tink loves it and can't wait to surprise Daddy with her new hair!

So, maybe we're not a new family, but he might have to do a double-take when he sees us at the homecoming! Just keepin' the man on his toes!

Oops - I hope he doesn't see this before he gets home.


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  1. Love all the kids' hair! So cute on Tink! And I love your hair! Can't wait to see it in person.