Monday, January 28, 2013

The end is near.

Not THAT end. But the end of the deployment. So, we got together with some other families and made "Welcome Home" signs for the deploy-ees.

My daughter has been asking about when we were making signs for weeks now. We bought our supplies early, during a mommy-daughter date a few weeks ago. She loves crafts, so it was the perfect afternoon at our local Michael's. And once the two boys realized it was sign-making time, they were ready, too.

All the kids made signs. Some took their time and others got it done quickly. And there's still plenty of time to add to the signs before the "end" gets here.

I even bought an extra poster board for myself in case I decide to get a little creative. We'll see.

There was a bed sheet that got decorated and all the returning airmen's names were added to it, along with other glittery embellishments. I love that everyone was thought of. My husband isn't there alone and it's nice to sort of acknowledge the rest of them.

I guess this will be the last "deployment-related" get together for a while, but I'm sure we'll find other reasons to get the kids together and enjoy each other's company.


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