Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let's try again...

Ok, so not that I have a lot of readers out there wondering where the heck I went, but I'm still here.

The last time I blogged was about 10 days before Hurricane Sandy. Needless to say, I went offline for a while, mostly because we had no power - for 6 days. I'm not complaining. Many families had it much worse, and they are still struggling. I'm just giving a little update.

I work for an insurance adjuster and our office was inundated with claims. We received as many claims in about 3-5 days as we receive in a whole year - approximately 1200! Work has been crazy - or as the kids say, "Cuh-razeee!"

But I miss blogging. Not because I had been doing it for sooo long and missed writing, but because it was something I really wanted to do while my husband was deployed as a way to document our lives for him, and our families and friends to read.

Now, he'll be home soon and this is only my fourth posting. But hey, it's something right? I'll try to "catch up" little by little and post about the happenings around here, now and since October 29, 2012. I hope it doesn't get confusing. But it'll keep me blogging for awhile since so much has happened since Hurricane Sandy.

And right now - my 2 little ones are helping by cleaning the fish tank glass. Cute, right? Until I have to clean up all the water that drips onto my year-old hardwood floor!

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