Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's not all rainbows and sunshine!

I thought my day started off just fine, considering the car was covered in snow and ice, and wasn't yet warmed up enough or cleaned off fast enough to drive the kids to the bus stop, so we had to walk in the freezing cold!

But really, it was fine. An otherwise typical morning. I went to work, enjoyed the company of my co-workers, and then I had to leave early to take my baby girl (yes, I know she's almost 9) to the eye doctor. I think that's when it began...

The drive to the pediatric eye specialist (I'll explain more later) takes me a solid 45 minutes, and since it snowed last night, I was prepared for more.

I HATE driving to the eye doctor. It's a long drive and there's really just one way to get there. And then when the appointment is over, you have to drive back! On top of the 20 minute drive from work to the school in the opposite direction of the eye doctor, to pick up the kids. Do you get that I don't like this drive?

Then, just like any other doctor's appointment, you wait. But the exam went well. Her measurements are improving and she was given another eye exercise to practice.

So, now it's the long drive back, with two hungry and bored kids. I'm getting hungry, too, and it's freezing outside. We get home and walk into the house.

Then it happened. I snapped. All of a sudden I felt like there were a million things to do and no one was listening. The kids got distracted by the snow and didn't even make into the house. Music lessons were in 2 hours and I had no idea what I was doing for dinner (more on that in another post, too). My oldest has a project due next week and I wasn't satisfied with his progress, even though he was home all day. I was DONE!

I locked myself in my room for a breather, and that only lasted about 5 minutes before I got the first knock. But after telling them all to let me rest for a few minutes, I finally got some peace. It might've had something to do with a certain Daddy texting the oldest to go downstairs with the kids and give Mommy some time to relax. And Daddy calmed me down, too. Love him!

An hour later, I was a new person (kind of). I had time to reflect. It's one day. Kids will be kids; and it's not the end of the world if we have to go to McDonald's - again. Music lessons were fine. We came home, the kids took their showers and got ready for bed.

And a nice game or two of Memory before bed makes for a great day!



  1. I've had a lot of days like the one you are talking about... sometimes you just have to take a breather like you did to get it together. Life can get overwhelming so quickly!

  2. I have that DONE feeling a lot! And, I, too, retreat to my bedroom for some peace that is typically interrupted! Reminding myself that they will all grow up and leave home someday and then I'll be so sad that it's so quiet. . .